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View of Partridge Island across the water from Ottawa House Museum
View of Blomidon across the water from Ottawa House By-the-Sea Museum. Partridge Island is on the right.

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Come tour the Parrsboro Shore area! We have incredible views as well as incredible history. Many of our visitors become friends, and return as often as possible.

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History of our Building

The Ottawa House By-the-Sea Museum is believed to be the oldest building on the Parrsboro Shore and one of the oldest in the province of Nova Scotia. 

With the support of volunteers, donors and contributions from all levels of government, the building has been renovated extensively and restored to much of its former glory. 

Museum Exhibits

In the Museum you will find exhibits on shipbuilding, rumrunning and the former settlement on Partridge Island. There are hundreds of artifacts depicting life, culture and industry over more than 200 years.

History of our Area

The Ottawa House By-the-Sea Museum represents an important segment of Cumberland County’s history at the time of Confederation and illustrates mid-eighteenth century architecture, economic and cultural development.

Check out our Timeline compiled by our Historical Society with significant events of our area of the Parrsboro Shore, dating back to 1397!

Area History Timeline

The Parrsborough Shore Historical Society has compiled this timeline of the history of our Parrsboro Shore area. Parrsborough Shore Historical Society is located in Mi’kma’ki, ...
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