List of archival material at the museum. Please keep in mind, we are a privately owned and operated museum and our volunteers for archive and genealogy are not available on a daily basis. Submit our online Contact Form to request an appointment if you would like to meet with a genealogist/archivist on site.

Family Surnames

400 + surnames with varying amounts of information

Library Books

A variety of local history books, etc.

Family Genealogy Books (Published)

75 Surnames- contents of each file vary

Vital Statistics

Cemetery Listings, Census, Births, Marriages, Deaths, etc.

Scrapbook Collection

44 Scrapbooks donated by various citizens on the Parrsborough Shore who wished to preserve local activities through the years

Community Files

A series of files that cover every topic that has contributed to the history and ongoing activities of every community that makes up the Parrsborough Shore

School Registers

Donations of school registers ranging in years from the communities of Advocate, Allen Hill, Cape D’Or, Crossroads, Diligent River, Fox River, Fraserville, Halfway River (east), Lakelands, Moose River, New Canaan, New Prospect, Parrsboro, Parrsboro Roads, Port Greville, and Wharton

Conrad Byers Fond

Series 1

  • Archival Documents (Part 1 – 2003)
    • Files include: Captain Harold Roy Jackson, Donald Row, Handley Page, Hatfield Family, Meteorological Registers Ottawa House and Partridge Island, Parrsboro Citizens Band, Parrsborough Shore Citizen’s Interviews, Pete Kendrick, Public Wharves of NS, and Tax Records
  • Archival Documents (Part 2 – 2014)
    • Files include: Canning, Ratchford, Parrsboro History and Operations, Captains, Ships, and Steamers, Diaries, Letters, and Interviews, Aviation History, Merchants, Miscellaneous other community histories, research references, time lines, book and poetry, Parrsboro Citizens Band, etc.)
  • Archival Documents (Part 3 – 2017) (being processed)

Series 2

  • Conrad Byers Marine Library – various marine related books, etc.:
    • Publications (seagoers / sea breezes), lighthouses, navigation routes and oceans, Canadian history, seaman / sailors, marine codes / signals, time life books, history of ships, novels and short stories, schooners, shipbuilding, Maritime history, navigation, miscellaneous

Series 3

  • Maps (land and marine)

Series 4

  • Negative Collection

Series 5

  • Photograph – a large collection of heritage images, original and copies covering assorted topics (ships and ship building a special interest of Cons) (being processed)

Marion (Hann) Kyle Research Files

History and genealogy of families in Lakelands area of the Parrsborough Shore

Clemm Larsen Fond

History and genealogy of families the Apple River area of the Parrsborough Shore

Edward (Ed) Gilbert Fond (In progress)

Series 1

  • Archival Documents: crane letters, genealogy, militia, Parrsborough Shore Genealogy, Poems

Series 2

  • Books for Marine Library

Kerr Canning Research Files Listing (Electronic)

A list of assorted files:

  • Acadians (51 files)
  • Agriculture (4 files)
  • Early History – Partridge Island and Ottawa House (30 files)
    1. Champlain (9)
    2. Kerr – re-lumbering (19)
  • Early History – Parrsborough Shore (7 files)
  • Edgetts Beach (6 files)
  • Industrial Census (11 files)
  • Maps and Early Parrsborough Shore (26 files)
  • Port Greville items (3)
  • Loyalist (1)
    1. Loyalist Farm – NB
  • Mi’kmaq (48 files)
    1. Minudie (3)
  • Mills – Whitehall -other (18) files
  • Min – NS – Council – other (18 files)
  • Pre-Loyalists grants (37 files)
  • Quarantine (9 files)
  • Rail (1) file
  • Shipping (17 files)
  • Slavery Project (17)
    1. Annapolis Heritage Society – Genealogy (2)
  • Spencer’s Island hx (10 files)
  • Three centuries of historical maps of NS (26 files)
  • Trains (11 files)
  • Tupper (19 files)
    1. St. Andrews (31 files)

Miscellaneous Files

  • Jeannie (Melanson) Smith – Parrsboro School Reunion
  • Unknown source – Diaries (found in old offices upstairs when cleaning out room for the marine library)
  • Ernest Smith – Lighthouse Logs (1923 – 1956)
  • Marilyn Orr – Anglican Parish History
  • Howard family information
  • Henry Brown – Climatological Station (1971 – 1984)
  • Bill Eaton Diaries
  • United Church Baptism Records (1868 – 1956)
  • Captain Hilton Ogilvie Information
  • Hazel Family Information
  • Augusta Morris Family Information
  • Bill Wheaton Family Information
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