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The Parrsborough Shore Historical Society was founded in 1976 to gather people interested in preserving the history of the area, but driven specifically by an interest in saving, maintaining and restoring the historic Ottawa House By-the-Sea. As you will discover in these pages, this structure has been on the Partridge Island location since approximately 1773 and was in danger of being lost to the area, the Province and the nation. The Society pressured the Nova Scotia government into purchasing the property (1980) and leasing it to the Society (April, 1981); finally, ownership was transferred to the Society in September 2015.  The Society has established Ottawa House By-the Sea as a community museum dedicated to preserving the artifacts and heritage of the Parrsborough Shore. And yes, that spelling is correct. The Parrsborough Shore refers to not just the town of Parrsboro but to the other communities up and down shore who have an equally rich historical heritage.

2016 marked the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Society! By coincidence, it is was also our first year of operation as the owner of the Ottawa House By-the Sea Museum.

The Society is governed by a volunteer board and the Museum is run by a seasonal curator/manager with part-time staff.