Ottawa House Museum

Museum Assistant (Seasonal, Part-time, 2023)


The museum assistant participates in the day-to-day functioning of the museum in order to ensure a positive and memorable visitor experience, serving as an ambassador for the museum and for the broader community. This includes a variety of functions including, but not limited to, greeting visitors, conducting tours, handling sales, documentation of visits and a variety of activities necessary for presenting a clean and impressive facility. The position also functions as assistant manager, assuming the supervisory role when the Manager is absent.

The position also coordinates with and supports volunteers working in a variety of capacities, such as genealogy resource, tour guide, administrative support, etc…

The position is seasonal, part-time, an average of 24 hours per week.

Primary responsibilities

Assist with or conduct daily opening and closing routines including security procedures (doors windows, taps, stoves, alarm etc.)

Document attendance (visits, events, special functions), and assist in capturing volunteer time.

Participate in routine museum functions, including visitor tours (interpretation of history and exhibits), prepare for events and visitors, respond to requests for information, and others.

Assist in preparation of displays and exhibits

Conduct sales of items in Tupper Emporium (ice-cream, books, other) and record details of financial transactions, including event fees, donations and membership fees.

Respond to inquiries and refer to appropriate individual as needed.

Participates in maintaining general cleanliness of museum (routine cleaning of surfaces, floors, bathrooms, etc.) and special cleaning in preparation for season opening and at end of season.

Assist in preparing exhibits and artifacts for museum season opening and closing (remove and store covers, check condition of items and labels, reporting any issues to Curator/Manager)

Assume managerial role when Manager is off duty; including supervision of students, coordination of volunteers and ensuring adherence to established policies and procedures as well as public health measures as applicable.

Occasional or Supplementary responsibilities

Liaise with community groups and others as necessary, regarding planning of visits

Provide access to genealogy research materials. (May arrange for or conduct genealogy or archival research as requested for researchers, ensuring fee structure is explained and understood.)

May occasionally be expected to dress in period costume for special functions.


High school completion or equivalent, preferably some post-secondary education or training

Knowledge, skills and abilities

Excellent interpersonal skills; position requires diplomacy, agility and flexibility. (Frequent interruptions are to be expected, thus requiring the ability to “think on one’s feet”.)

Good communication skills are required to interact with the public and with other employees and volunteers, including directing and supporting students, and to conduct educational tours and programs for visitors and participants.

Comfort with basic computer skills (e-mail, word processing, etc.)

General knowledge of the Parrsborough Shore area

Required to have (or obtain) first aid, food handling and WHMIS training.


Bilingual ability; interest or knowledge of history, geology, genealogy; good computer and database skills; organizational skills, basic social media ability; food handling and/or service.

Working conditions

  • Laptop is provided
  • Work term is typically 26 weeks (late spring to mid-fall), beginning three to four weeks before opening and continues two to three weeks after closing.
  • Flexibility of work hours is impacted by requirement for weekend and holiday staffing, or to accommodate functions outside normal hours.
  • Physical ability and manual dexterity required for climbing stairs, cleaning procedures, moderate lifting, scooping ice cream etc.
  • Work is carried out for much of the day in a collaborative team environment.
  • Due to the distance from the community centre and on the number of staff present, lunch breaks may need to be taken on the premises.


The position reports to the Manager; if absent, reporting is to the President or Vice-President.

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