Report to Governor: “It is reported that a Rebel Privateer is now at Spencer’s Island, perhaps waiting for transports bound from Windsor to Halifax.  Capt Camplote tells me in consequence of prospect, can escort be sent to Annapolis, that an armed vessel is there to protect them.”

Horton, March 21st – Petition asking for armed naval vessels in the Basin for protection. Signed Silas Crane. Armed Schooners, “Loyal Nova Scotia” and “Rainbow”, patrol in Bay of Fundy regions.

Silas Crane Jr., bought lots #1 and 1A, at Partridge Island from Jacob Bacon.  Another historian states that he also bought John Lockhart’s town lot. Silas began a new ferry service using a forty-two ton sloop, as a packet, and continued this service until his death in April 1792.

Note: A sloop is a shallow draft, schooner-like vessel with open holds and often, no cabins.