Philadelphia Grant of 1779, made by Governor Francis Legge, names the following on the site map of the grant:  Silas Crane, Jr., (originally No. 1 to Jacob Bacon),  James N. Shannon (originally No. 2 to John Lockhart),  and James Ratchford, Sr., (originally No. 3 Jacob Bacon), as the principal holders with one parcel (originally No. 4 John Avery) being ceded (sold?) by Jonathon Crane to James Rathford, and three very small parcels from the original grant being retained (apparently) by John Avery and Jacob Bacon.  Three other adjoining parcels of land are listed on the grant map, inland of those bordering the shoreline, all of which were granted to John Lockhart.

The precise measurements are difficult to determine, as some of the distances are listed as “174 perches”  or “171 perches”, an Anglo Saxon unit of measurement, which was cited in a law known as the Composition of Yards and Perches (Compositio ulnarum et perticarum), some time between 1266 and 1303, but has not survived to today.  No precise equivalent of distance has, as yet, been determined.

Note: The name Philadelphia survives to this date as Philadelphia Street in the current town of Parrsboro.