First land grants given in Parrsboro area. Two Thousand acres to John Avery, Jacob, Jr., and John Lockhart.

Col. Eddy leads rebellion at Fort Cumberland (Amherst area) and blocks Parrsboro Pass with troops.

November 9th – Rebels capture ferryboat, together with Partridge Island, with privateer vessel of eight guns and full of men.

November 15th – Ratchford’s sloop of 80 tons moved 300 men from Windsor to Fort Cumberland, and Eddy’s Rebellion was put down.

Commodore, Sir George Collier, says he does not think Halifax is in danger, unless more support comes from New England, because the road (from Windsor) is too bad to carry cannons and the English are in control of the sea.  He sends the warship Vulture to Partridge Island to put the run to the rebels.