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While the Ottawa House By-The-Sea Museum is pleased to acknowledge the interest displayed by potential donors, and is honoured by their interest, not every artifact presented for donation can be accepted. Some may not be in suitable condition for us to retain or attempt to restore, others may not have a provenance which will permit it to meet our criteria for acceptance, such as being a wonderful artifact from Yarmouth, others may present a hazard to staff and visitors.

The Acquistion Policy guides the acceptance of any item into our collections and it is hoped that no potential donor will be offended if they discover that some apparent treasure from the great-grandmother’s attic is not suitable for acceptance into our collections. In any event when an artifact is accepted for donation to the collections(s), a charitable donation receipt for its fair market value will be issued to the donor. In the case of larger artifact, or those with substantial value they will only be accepted once appraised by a professional in the field, and a donation receipt will be issued for, again their fair market value.